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San Juan worm

By Charlie Bagley
(Submitted by Angler's Habitat)
San Juan worm
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Fly of the week: Weighted San Juan worm

I know, I know, for all of our Purist friends, these flies are an abomination to fly fisherman everywhere.  If it were called a San Juan stretched larva it would probably be more readily accepted.  However, the fact still remains, this is a very effective and readily available meal for fish the world over.  In every stream and in every body of water live these tiny worms; their job is too clean-up any decaying debris that would otherwise pollute our waterways.  They range in color and size equal to that of the rainbow.  Shown is a bright red Bloodworm, weighted with copper wire.  I most always use this fly as my lead in a tandem set-up.  It not only works well, it will reach the depths I am looking for in larger fish holdouts.  If you havenít tried fishing these little gems, you are really missing out!     



Standard Nymph hook or all around hook 8-22


Red or color to match the chenille


Red copper wire or to match the chenille


Ultra chenille, shown in bright red


Open flamed to resemble a worm head


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