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Fishing closures on Chewuch and Twisp rivers


Close the Chewuch River from the mouth to Eight Mile Creek to all fishing;
Close the Twisp River from the mouth to War Creek  to all fishing.
Effective date: Sept. 6, 2005 through Sept. 30, 2005
Species affected:  All fish
Chewuch River from the mouth upstream to Eight Mile Creek;
Twisp River from the mouth upstream to War Creek.
Reason for action:  Extremely low water coupled with high summer temperatures has concentrated fish into habitats where they are susceptible to repeated catch and release fishing.  Creel surveys indicate that anglers are primarily catching small trout in size classes that may overlap with juvenile anadromous steelhead.  Unintentional fishing effort on juvenile steelhead is undesirable because of the endangered status of upper Columbia River steelhead.
The lack of larger trout preferred by anglers, and predominance of smaller fish in recent catches warrants closure of the fishery. The closure will reduce conservation concerns given the current drought conditions and help ensure a stable future fishery.
Other information:  These sections of the Chewuch and Twisp were scheduled to close Sept. 30. The lower Chewuch will reopen to fishing for whitefish Dec. 1. The Methow River will remain open for catch and release fishing from the Weeman Bridge to Gold Creek. Selective gear rules are in effect.
Information contacts:  Bob Jateff, District 6 Fish Biologist, (509) 826-7341

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