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Long Island Bahamas

By Brian O'keefe
(Submitted by Brian Okeefe Photography)

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I am a big fan of Long Island in the Bahamas. My first trip to Long Island was in 1992 and I met the Knowles family. Bernard, Ingrid, Barry and Ben have helped me find fish, explore remote beaches and fish the bluewater. This May they opened a very nice hotel, called Winter Haven.

Winter Haven is located in Clarence Town, one of the most scenic towns in the Bahamas. The hotel, restaurant, bar and pool and hot tub are built right on the beach. The view to the east is all ocean and reef. To the west, you look out over the marina harbor and town.

Winter Haven can help you with guides, rental cars, rental boats and advice on beaches and places to explore. The people on Long Island are famous for their friendly and helpfull ways.

The flats out of Deadmans cay are very clean and full of bonefish. The flats near Galloway are actually in an area that once was a salt production facility, then a redfish hatchery, then a shrimp farm. Now, baby tarpon and bonefish cruise the flats and channels.
If you like exploring on your own, there are miles of flats and lagoons to check out.

Feel free to contact me for more info:

Visit WinterHaven's website and book reservations ON THEIR SITE:  ""

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