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Puget Sound - September 9th, 2008
supplied by: All Star Fishing Charters
RECORDED:    68 °   FISHING: Great
Area 8.2

Salmon fishing open August 1 for Coho and Tulalip bubble open for ChinookCoho are starting to show Along the Mukilteo to Shipwreck area.            Area 9

Salmon fishing open for Hatchery Coho.  Remember this area is Fin clipped Coho only till September 16, one more week to go.

  Ocean Coho are being caught now and the fishing should only improve as the month goes on.

West side of Possession Bar on the incoming tide and out into the shipping lanes is the spot.

Browns Bay has been producing good Coho Action also.

  Early morning catches have been the best, but there are usually some Coho biting all the way till noon and then it gets pretty slow in the afternoons.

  Green glow flashers with light colored Squids or Ace high are good choices, fishing from 50 to 125 feet down on the downrigger.

  Area 10

Salmon fishing open for Coho  Area 10 continues to be the best producer of Coho with lots of limits.

  From Edmonds across to Kingston and South all the way to Seattle has been productive, mostly from the East shore line out to the middle.

  Some nice size Coho are showing in the catches as witnessed with the Edmonds Derby, with a 14lb plus cleaned and gilled Coho being the winner.

Most of the fish are averaging around 5 to 7 lbs, with an occasional fish over 10lbs.

  Early morning around 7 to 8 Am has been the best bite, starting out at 40 to 60 feet down and then going on down as the sun rises to as deep as 150 feet.

  Green Flasher with light colored Squids or Ace highs trailed 28 to 32 inches behind have been the top producers.


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Puget Sound - March 10th, 2008
supplied by: All Star Fishing Charters
RECORDED:    57 °   FISHING: Good
Area 8.1

Open till April 30 for salmon Limit is 2 salmon, Chinook (Blackmouth) must be fin clipped

Many of the top fish in the Everett derby came from this area on Saturday

The reports continue to suggest that this is the place to fish for good fish.

  Area 8.2

 Open till April 30 for salmonLimit is 2 salmon, Chinook (Blackmouth) must be fin clipped Saratoga passage and even the race track put out fish this past weekend

Elger Bay looks to one of the better spots

   Area 9

Open till April 15 for salmon Limit is 2 salmon, Chinook (Blackmouth) must be fin clipped

Possession Bar remains a mystery as to why there is little or no bait and the fishing remains slow.

Pilot Point did produce decent fishing for some anglers over the weekend

Weather and Lunar Phases

Puget Sound - December 18th, 2007
supplied by: All Star Fishing Charters
RECORDED:    47 °   FISHING: Great
Area 10 Selective Chinook rules on now

Remains open Thru December and January  Good Blackmouth fishing continues when the weather will allow.

Jefferson head produced several legal fish and lots of shakers this past Friday.

Shilshole Bay was the only place we could fish on Saturday and we were rewarded with 8 keepers and lots of shakers.

The Tomic 5 inch plugs in numbers 603 and 600 continue to produce the better size fish.

Green coyote spoons or green squid tailed 34 inches behind a green glow flasher were both consistently busy with lots of action on shakers and some legal size fish also.

We received other reports of fish at Kingston, Richmond Beach and down South at Manchester.

Weather and Lunar Phases

Puget Sound - October 23rd, 2007
supplied by: All Star Fishing Charters
RECORDED:    55 °   FISHING: Great
Area 10 Opened for retention of Blackmouth Tuesday October 16, 2007

  Blackmouth are available at Kingston on Jeff Head and also in Shilshole Bay.

The wind has made it tough to fish, but when we have gotten out this past week is has been good fishing for Blackmouth.

Best lures have been Coyote spoons in green and white trailed 36 inches behind a green glow flasher. We have been fishing in 100 to 120 feet of water and placing the lure close to bottom

Weather and Lunar Phases

Puget Sound - October 8th, 2007
supplied by: All Star Fishing Charters
RECORDED:    60 °   FISHING: Good
Area 9

 Coho and Chum salmon  We are still catching Coho off the shipwreck into browns bay and also on the possession Point buoy side just off the Can.

The best lure continues to be a white squid 32 inches behind a green glow hot spot flasher. While the river water is reaching out to Area 9 and coloring the top few feet of the bay, the best dept has been from 40 to 60 feet down.

Chum salmon are starting to show in the Point No Point area and this will be the time to go get some Silver Brights as they are called in the store. These early saltwater chums are in good shape and make fair barbecued fish and of course they are excellent for smoking.

Chum salmon are strong fighters and can some times be caught with some degree of success

Weather and Lunar Phases

Puget Sound - October 1st, 2007
supplied by: All Star Fishing Charters
RECORDED:    62 °   FISHING: Fair
Area 9

 Coho and Chum salmon  Still some very nice Coho racing in from the straits to the local rivers and the chum salmon become legal in area 9

Although Coho fishing will be spotty the next couple weeks there can be that exceptional day when all things go great and a big school of hungry mature Coho are swimming just under your boat.

Shipwreck into Browns bay is a good spot or try the mid channel on a strong incoming tide.

Weather and Lunar Phases

Puget Sound - August 16th, 2007
supplied by: Puget Sound Fly Company, LLC
RECORDED:    67 °   FISHING: Excellent
  Puget Sound Fly Company is proud to offer current fishing reports for the exciting saltwater opportunities available in the South Puget Sound.  These reports come from staff fishing trips, customers and friends.  Please call us at (253) 839-4119 if you are new to the area or estuary fishing in general.

Brian and I fished this morning from the Skiff.  After checking out a few spots, we wandered farther into Commencement Bay.  To say that the fishing was great would be an enormous understatement.  You could catch fish on almost every cast by simply blind casting, but Brian and I got so spoiled, we began only casting to rolling fish.  If our flies were in the water and we saw rolling fish, we would hurriedly retrieve enough line to pick-up and cast, hoping that no fish would grab our flies before we could cast to the fish we just saw!

FLIES:  Shock and Awe in ‘Bozo’ color and other flies in pink over white.  Let us help you pick some flies, try our BEACH SELECTION.

For more info:  Take our beach fishing class.



 If you are in need of any help assembling the proper tackle for beach fishing, please call or stop by.

photos Weather and Lunar Phases

Puget Sound - August 15th, 2007
supplied by: All Star Fishing Charters
RECORDED:    77 °   FISHING: Excellent
Area 9

 Where are the Humpies? I know we said they would be here by the 10th of August, but hey 5 days late is not bad.   Hungry Humpies are showing and this next two weeks is the time to go get them.

The west side of Possession Bar, Point No Point, and Browns Bay are all good spots.

Start at a dept of 30 or 40 feet dropping down as light forces the fish deeper, to 70 feet or so. Troll very slowly and preferably with or across the current using the following setup: A white number “0” or “1” dodger, followed by 16 to 18 inches of leader and a bright pink mini squid or a Hot Spot Flasher with the same pink Mini squid and a little longer leader, maybe 20 to 22 inches.

      Area 8.1

Salmon Fishing opens August 1

This area has different rules this year because of low numbers of pink returning to the Skagit River.

Open August 1 thru Sept 30= no min size Daily limit 2 Release Chinook and Pink

So only Coho and Chum, we don’t expect very many Coho to be in yet.

No reports yet

  Area 8.2

Open for Pinks and Coho  Finally the humpies have arrived and now is the time to go

This next two weeks will be the hot time.

  Tulalip Bubble opened June 1

Remember in this area you can retain all legal size salmon no mater if the fish is fin clipped or not.

These are hatchery fish but not all of them have been clipped yet.

For those who want to fish for Chinook this is the game, but it is a fishery that will test you patience, because you will put in your time to catch Chinook in the Bubble.

  Area 10

Open for catch and keep Coho and Pink salmon.

 Coho action remains excellent and Pinks are showing Coho fishing remains very good on the west side of Area 10 and the hungry humpies are biting on the east side.

  Inner Elliott Bay remains open for Chinook Fridays Thru Mondays each week and these fish do not have to be Fin clipped.

So if it is a Chinook you desire then Elliott Bay is the location in Area 10.

Weather and Lunar Phases

Puget Sound - August 6th, 2007
supplied by: All Star Fishing Charters
RECORDED:    71 °   FISHING: Excellent
Area 9

 “Think Pink, Think Pink”  Hungry Humpies are on their way and now is the time to take every one salmon fishing.If you want to introduce the kids, excite mom and dad or recharge grandpa, then these humpies will do it.Rig with a white dodger or flasher size “o” or “1” followed by 16 inches of leader, and a bright pink Mini Squid.Slow trolled off the downrigger at 40 to 60 feet.If you don’t have a downrigger try a 6 ounce lead with the same setup. West Possession Bar is good and lots of these fish are showing in Browns bay south of the Shipwreck.  Area 8.2

Open for Pinks and Coho  Yes the Humpies are in, although it has not been slam dunk fishing there are enough humpies schooling to make for successful trips.

Start at Mukilteo and slow troll south with a pink squid behind a white dodger or flasher, the best action has been down at 40 to 60

  Area 10

Open for catch and keep Coho and Pink salmon.

 Coho action was excellent this past weekend and Pinks are showing  The best Coho action has been on the west side of area 10 along Jefferson Head, while the Humpies are showing better on the east side along Richmond beach and south.

Weather and Lunar Phases

Puget Sound - February 11th, 2007
supplied by: All Star Fishing Charters
RECORDED:    50 °   FISHING: Excellent
Area 9 opened for salmon fishing February 1 and it has been solid limits for every one on the boat since then.

There are lots of blackmouth in the Possession Bar, Double Bluff and Point No Point area.

We met on the dock at 0700 on this very nice February day with pertly cloudy skies.

The gentlemen on this trip were local fishermen who are members of the Everett Steelhead and Salmon Club.

These guys brought their own rods and reels which I am sure between them had caught more salmon and steelhead than I ever dreamed of.

Immediately they started with the stories about how they had caught big fish out here in the bay long before I started fishing this area. As with all stories about fishing or hunting the first person to tell their story is guaranteed that someone else will have caught a bigger, stronger more difficult one.

We arrived on Possession Bar at 0800, it was nice and calm with the sun showing over the mountains, there were several boats already fishing.

We slowed the boat, started the kicker and began to troll along the 90 to 110 foot line on the outer bar. The tide change was around 0930 so I expected the bite to start any time.

Just like clockwork the fish started biting at 0830 and the action was mostly non stop for the next couple hours. We picked 5 keepers out of the fish and headed back to the dock around 1100.

When it was all said and done we all had some more stories to add to our fishing archives

Weather and Lunar Phases

Your search returned 39 items (most recent reports for all waters in ) 
Now showing items: 1 - 10.
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