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Utah's Premier Fly Fishing Guide Service
Fishwest Outfitters & Guide Service

Fishwest Outfitters and Guide Service is located at the crossroads of fly fishing in the American West in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The blue ribbon Provo River and the under-estimated Weber River are both within striking distance and the famed Green River and spectacular stillwater fishing of the L.C. Ranch are all within a short drive.

All of our guided fishing trips include casting and fishing instruction as well as all of the necessary equipment.  If you don’t own a rod and reel or don’t want to drag your boots and waders along on your trip, we are happy to provide quality equipment for you to use, at no extra charge.
The guide staff at Fishwest is devoted to fly fishing and have long since paid their dues on all of the waters we guide on. Our knowledge of the Rocky Mountain fly fishing scene and our enthusiasm to share that knowledge are unmatched.  We are professional, courteous and patient teachers.  We can accommodate individuals, families and large groups and we cater to all skill levels, from beginners to the most accomplished anglers.
So, whatever the reason is that brings you here – Utah’s world class fly fishing, vacation or a business trip, let us show you a side of Utah that you otherwise might not see.  All you have to do is show up; we’ll take care of all the details.    
Provo River
Right in the heart of Utah's majestic Wasatch Mountains runs the famed Provo River.  The Provo is a beautiful water system with scenery that can rival just about any river in the world.  This river is home to large brown trout, healthy rainbows and beautiful cutthroats.  It truly is a blue ribbon trout stream less than an hour away from Salt Lake City.

The Provo River has three distinct sections; The Lower, Middle & Upper.

The Lower Provo River is the most popular section, and for good reason.  Plunging down Provo Canyon this healthy section of tailwater has numerous deep, mysterious pools and nervous riffles.  The nutrient-rich water promotes incredible hatches and grows fish of exceptional quality.  The water flows are steady here and the river fishes well year round.

The Middle Provo River meanders through beautiful Heber valley as it makes it way from Jordanelle Reservoir and into Deer Creek Reservoir.  This rich tailwater boosts great insect life, including one of Utah's few Green Drake hatches.  This peaceful river flows through quiet farm country and can be fished throughout the year.

The Upper Provo River changes its personality immensely from the Lower & Middle Sections, as it is more of a small stream.  The river starts high in the Uintah Mountains (one of the few mountain ranges that runs from east to west) and is home to a trout grand slam; brown, brook, rainbow and cutthroat trout.  Techniques and mentality change to accommodate pocket water, shallow riffles and the occasional deep pool.  Due to the altitude of the Upper Provo, the fishing season in this area is limited by the weather.
The Provo River has three distinct sections; The Lower, Middle & Upper, each providing a different fishing opportunity.  The Lower plunges down Provo Canyon and this healthy tailwater has numerous deep, mysterious pools and nervous riffles.  The Middle is a rich tailwater that meanders through beautiful Heber valley and the upper is a free-flowing small stream where techniches and mentaility change dramatically.  The Provo is a great fishery during any season of the year.
Weber River
The Weber River may be your only chance of finding true solitude close to the Greater Salt Lake Area.  A moderate-sized river that is very similar to the Provo River in its water flows, the Weber has a strong population of large Brown Trout and hard fightin' Whitefish.

Although the Weber is primarily a nymphing river, it does have a handful of hatches through out the year.  Most notable of these hatches is a summer caddis that is prolific as any in the West, as well as blue-winged olives and winter midges.
Green River
In the remote Northeast corner of Utah runs the famed Green River.  Known for its legendary hatches and exciting numbers of fish, the Green needs no introduction.  This great stretch of river begins its journey at the Flaming Gorge Dam where its gin-clear water boasts high numbers of quality fish and amazing pools, riffles and runs.  Best fished from a drift boat, this river will provide you with memories to last a lifetime. 

One of the Green River hatches to note is the Blue Winged Olive Hatch in the Spring.  This hatch seems to bring all the fish to the surface, big and bigger.  The BWO hatch is a real opportunity to catch a trophy fish on a small dry fly.

The BWO hatch is quickly followed up in May and June by the Cicadas.  The Cicada, a burrowing insect that has varying yearly emergence, is similar in size to a cricket and can be heard "chirping" in the trees when the emergence is on.  Although some years the emergence is stronger than others, there always seems to be enough to keep the fish interested.

About the time that the Cicadas are gone, the summer is in full swing and 'hoppers and other terrestrials are on the water.  The Green is also home to midge, caddis and PMD hatches.  The fall and winter can provide incredible streamer and bugger fishing and you can effectively fish nymphs year-round on the Green.

The Green River is approximately a 3 1/2 hour drive from Salt Lake City (and well worth it!).  We would be happy to help your with local accommodations if needed.  Come join Fishwest on the Green River for a fishing trip that you will never forget...
L.C. Ranch
Who would have guessed that tucked away in a remote corner of Northeast Utah lies a fly fishing and lodging recreation resort where the beauty of nature entices us with her pleasures.  The L.C. Ranch is home to over a dozen spring creek ponds and lakes amidst red rock and juniper on the south slope of the Uintah Mountains. The ponds and lakes offer a variety of exciting fishing conditions throughout the season.

The LC Ranch is home to several lakes and ponds of varying sizes.  The Fishwest Guides can teach you how to properly fish these different waters.   Many of the techniques you will learn here can be applied to any stillwater fishery.  The controlled habitat is superb for providing a quality fly fishing experience. Under a strict policy of catch and release it is well managed, quiet and un-pressured; perfect for the growth of large trout. With an average length of 17 inches and the big fella's being around 26 inches (or bigger), the L.C. Ranch is a fly fisher's dream world! 

There are also some wading opportunities here.  Some of the smaller ponds offer a more intimate experience while you cast your fly to LARGE cruising Brown & Rainbow Trout.  If the fishing is slow on one pond, we can easily jump to another pond for some faster action.  That is just one of the many advantages of fishing the L.C. Ranch!

The Ranch ensures solitude for up to 8 rods a day and single groups of up to 12. All anglers are accompanied by quality Fishwest Guides who will work their hardest to provide an experience of a lifetime.

The lodging accommodations at the "L.C." are almost as spectacular as the fishing (I said almost!).  Enjoy a great night of rest in one of the several luxurious cabins that are spread throughout the ranch.  With names like the Honeymoon Cabin, the Trophy Lodge, the West Cabin, and the Hideaway Cabin, you know that each one is unique.  Some have Jacuzzi tubs and Satellite TV systems and others offer an escape from modern technology to some peace & quiet.
Small Streams and Lakes Away from the big river crowds, running through hidden canyons and meandering through unnamed valleys are Utah's other gems. Utah is blessed with many small rivers, mountain lakes, streams, creeks and ponds.  These waters can range from a 45 minute to 4 hour drive away from Salt Lake City, but all of them are worth the trip! We can chase wild brown, rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout, even bass and bluegill.  If there is water, there is a good chance that Fishwest has thrown a fly at it.

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Why You Should Choose Fishwest:
-All of our guides are experienced, professional and courteous.
-Your guided fly fishing trip includes all necessary equipment (rod, reel, waders, etc). 
-All you need to do is show up!
-Flies and all other fly fishing incidentals are also included.
-A great streamside lunch is included with all of our full day trips.
-We cater to all skill levels, from beginners to the most accomplished anglers.
-We can accommodate individuals, families and large groups.
-Competitive Rates.
-Please call us or see our website for more details.
-Feel free to ask us as many questions as you would like…answers are always free!
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Phone:  801.733.8858
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